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        Shenzhen Huazheng Shouban Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional processing aluminum alloy hand processing service enterprise located in Building 4, Wanfeng Dazhonggang Industrial Zone, Shajing Town, Shenzhen.
      First, the main business scope includes: precision CNC machining, aluminum alloy hand model, small batch processing production, industrial product design.
      Second, the main materials: aluminum alloy, copper, zinc alloy, magnesium alloy, iron, bakelite, POM materials.
      Third, the main products: auto parts and accessories of various aluminum alloy parts and small batch production, electronic intelligence, lighting accessories shell, digital electrical hardware processing and production of various complex aluminum alloy processing.
      The company adheres to the corporate belief of “integrity, high quality and high efficiency”, and is endorsed by many well-known manufacturers with the slogan of “high efficiency and excellent quality”. It has received strong support and praise from its customers. Next, we will continue to provide better service to our customers.     

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