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Technical Process

                                              Techniques for Aluminum Prototype Fabricating
Materials for CNC prototypes: Alufer(Aluminum alloy),Copper,ABS,POM(Acetal),PMMA(Arcylic),MC&PA(Nylon),PC,PP,BT,PVC etc. Alumunim is our preferential material as we‘re professional Aluminum Prototype&low volume parts manufacturer.

CNC Machining
Computer Numerical Control:According to the route ,CNC machine processes on the surface of the raw materials to get the rudiment of Aluminum Prototype.
Manual Process
Our workers will do sanding,deburring to remove the flashings and sharp corners.

                                         Surface Finishings-Sandblasting,wiredrawing,Natural Sanding .

4.   Post-production treatments of Aluminum Prototype
Painting,Annodizing,Electroplating,Laser engraving etc. , these surface treatments make the prototype look beautiful and sometimes even more good-looking than a finished product.
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